Formerly the VT icf Absolute Return Portfolio fund -  the new name was adopted in November 2020 to better reflect the nature of the Fund.


The VT Global Total Return Fund is a UK domiciled OEIC, UCITS qualifying. The Fund trades daily at NAV and is available via direct subscription click here for a link to down load an Application Form. The Fund can also be found on the following platforms:

Allfunds, Ascentric, AXA Elevate, Cofunds Inst, Custodian Life, Pershing, Transact and via AJ Bell, CS Direct, Halifax Share Dealing, HL Vantage & Killik & Co – we can add further platforms on request.


VT Global Total Return Fund F share class Accumulation identifiers -  ISIN GB00B4VWT948    SEDOL B4VWT94    CITICODE KUD0


The VT GTRF may be considered appropriate for investors with a long term investment horizon, at least 5 years, who are looking for a consistent return with lower volatility than equity markets and a low correlation with other investments generally. The VT GTRF can be paired with multi-strategy funds as a diversifier from both a volatility and manager risk perspective.

Some key points about the VT Global Total Return Fund; 

  • FCA regulated UK domiciled OEIC, UCITS compliant

  • daily pricing and dealing at NAV

  • low correlation to broader equity markets - FE risk Score of 42 (on a scale where 0 is cash and 100 is equities)

  • full transparency – all holdings listed on the monthly fact sheet

  • a 0.5% amc for the F class share where the minimum subscription is currently waived

  • the Prospectus and KIID can be viewed here

*Source for above statistics are FE Trustnet & icf all at 08.11.21 Launch date of fund 15.09.10 

graph Oct 2021.png

Source: icf, UCITs Alternative Index (Sterling adjusted) to end January 2019 and Absolute Hedge Global UCITs Index from start February 2019. Graph from launch in Aug 2010 to end September 2021

Click PDF for VT Global Total Return Fund latest fact sheet

Who manages the Fund?

Mark Lynam has managed the Fund since launching in 2010. More recently icf has established a strategic relationship with Monogram Capital Management Ltd (MCM) and the Fund is also advised by Charles Gillams of MCM. Between them they have over 50+ years investment experience in both public and private markets.  


How is the fund managed?

Our remit is worldwide. We pick both active managers and carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds with an element of fund holdings private investors would not normally access.


We actively monitor and if needed adjust weightings, both within a range and by very limited use of Efficient Portfolio Management to offset risk.

We own hedge funds as well as traditional balanced funds and credit funds to seek to reduce volatility as a material part of the portfolio.

We seek higher performance through an element of faster growing companies and global private equity portfolios.


We believe that this structure works better than a buy and hold approach in volatile markets. A change in the zeitgeist is here, and investors need to be better equipped to survive some spectacular market shifts from global and political change. Our exposure in areas such as Environmental, Social and Governance investments and our global portfolio will seek to address this ever shifting landscape.

As managers our aim is to provide investors with Positive Returns - Capital Preservation - Lower Volatility.